because finding good music is real hard
who are you? is a front for an international conglomerate of talentless industry reps who are getting rich off musicians and stealing money from you, the consumer. Or, maybe we are just a couple of girls and guys who really like music.
where are you?
st. louis, missouri, USA
how can I help?
tell your friends, come back often, and support the artists by buying their awesome music.
how many people visit your site?
more than we expected.
may i advertise on your site?
at this point, we're lucky enough not to need advertisements. someday we might need to raise some cash to cover our bandwidth. send a message and we'll keep you in mind.
why don't you ever post any hoobastank?
because they're awful.
will you post my awesome indie band?
not if you're awful. send us a link.
I just heard this obscure techno pop cuddlecore duo from the netherlands.
oh yeah? we want to hear it! send us a link.