latest on changes and additions to audioindie.comen-usFri, 28 Dec 2012 12:48:44 -0000La Sera, Never Come Around La Sera, Never Come Around - <p><a href="">Los Angeles, California - Hardly Art Records</a> </p> Indelicates, Europe The Indelicates, Europe - <p><a href="">London, United Kingdom - Corporate Records</a> </p> &amp; The Cavalry, Hiker Brit &amp; The Cavalry, Hiker - <p><a href="">Brooklyn, New York - Currently Unsigned</a> </p> Black, Photojournalist Small Black, Photojournalist - <p><a href="">Brooklyn, New York - JAGJAGUWAR Records</a> </p> Owl Breathe, Dogwalkers Of The New Age Breathe Owl Breathe, Dogwalkers Of The New Age - <p><a href="">East Jordan, Michigan - Hometapes Records</a> </p> <p>Amazing and quirky band, A must see. </p>